Hello To Manga Bookshelf Readers!

Hi, everyone! My name’s Sean Gaffney, and since the very end of 2009 I’ve been writing a blog called A Case Suitable for Treatment (called that because I can’t remember movie titles very well, but I do like David Warner).

Mostly what you’ll be seeing from me here is what I’ve been doing on my old blog: lots of manga reviews, with the occasional post discussing cartoons, or Shakespeare, or Frank Zappa, all obsessions of mine. You will find my style of writing to be fairly stream-of-consciousness (crueler people might say ‘rambling’), but I hope you will enjoy my reviews as much as I enjoy writing them.

For those worried about the content of my old blog, fear not, it’s all here already, and available via the handy category dropdown to my right. Thus you will not be losing any of my posts begging you all to buy Excel Saga, Gatcha Gacha, or I Hate You More Than Anyone!.

A word of warning: I write a lot of positive reviews. I am pretty easy to please, and even with things that I know are aggressively mediocre I can usually find enough about them to praise. When I do feel that something is unworthy of your time, however, I will certainly let you know it.

I am extra thankful to Melinda Beasi, Katherine Dacey, David Welsh, and Michelle Smith for inviting me to join their collective group, and I hope to be able to train harder to get to their level, in the best shonen traditions of friendship, perseverance and victory.


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  1. Welcome Sean! We’re so pleased to have you on board!

  2. Katherine Dacey says

    Your positive attitude will make a great foil for my grumpy one, Sean! Welcome to the Battle Robot!

  3. Welcome, Sean! Now our battle robot has four limbs and a head! (Dibs on the green lion, though.)

  4. David Welsh says

    I’m so delighted to see Chiri on the front page! Welcome!

  5. The more the merrier ^^ – looking forward to learning something about your tastes ^^

  6. Congratulations. :)

  7. \o/ I’m so glad to see you here, Sean! Melinda’s pretty much the corner on manga-related reviews at this point. Media domination is next.


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