Torture Princess: Fremd Torturchen, Vol. 3

By Keishi Ayasato and Saki Ukai. Released in Japan as “Isekai Goumon Hime” by Media Factory. Released in North America Yen On. Translated by Nathaniel Hiroshi Thrasher.

Given how many of the villains were dispatched in the last book, it should come as no surprise to find that Elisabeth and Kaito finish off her task by the end of this book. The twelve villains she was ordered by the Church to destroy are, more or less, destroyed. Of course, that means that it’s her turn to be executed next. And therefore this is the final volume. Bye, everyone!… wait, no, of course it isn’t. There’s always an out, and the author is now describing the book as the end of the first arc. But what do you do when you’ve killed off the bad guys? Simple, have ma new bad guy for everyone to fear, twice as mean and terrifying, and set Elisabeth out to destroy him! Of course, there is one slight problem, which is who the villain actually is. (It should not be hard to figure this out.) It’s a very clever and also very foolish plot.

This book takes place in the capitol, and as such the cast expands greatly, though really there’s only one name we need to remember. The various knights and paladins of the church are doing their best, but in the end this is something that mercy and compassion are a bad fit for. Izabella in particular is so pure and shiny that she no doubt will be a powerful antagonist in future volumes (she’s the name to remember). In case you were worried that there would not be descriptions of horrific graphical body horror, torture and fates worse than death, fear not, they’re here in abundance – one featuring a children’s theater was particularly horrible. But then you get a fantastic line of dialogue, or an evocative description, or even just Elisabeth briefly turning into Teru from Dengeki Daisy and demanding Kaito go bald, there’s always a new element to remind you why you’re reading this series. (If you are reading this series just for the gore, good for you, and also you may want to visit some other blog.)

And then there’s Hina, who is only in one or two scenes in the book, but they’re so memorable they threaten to overshadow everything else. (That said, props to “The Butcher”, who remains ridiculous in the extreme.) Still in a coma for the majority of the book, she literally dive bombs into the final battle, declaring her love for Kaito as loud as a ball-jointed doll possibly can, and their reunion is actually really sweet. What follows is also the funniest point of the book, where Hina says she loves him even though they can’t have kids, and Elisabeth explains how they CAN have kids – even if the act she’s describing makes her blush. As I said in the other reviews, fans of Rem from Re: ZERO may as well start reading this, because you’re not getting more of her in the main series right now and this Rem actually gets the guy.

And so, at the end of the book, Elisabeth sets out to execute this new villain, Kaito and Hina are reunited and possibly making babies (though I doubt it, honestly), and Torture Princess remains a fantastic read, despite all the gore and torture. For those with strong stomachs, absolutely recommended.

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