An Introvert’s Hookup Hiccups: This Gyaru Is Head Over Heels for Me!, Vol. 7

By Yuishi and Kagachisaku. Released in Japan as “Inkya no Boku ni Batsu Game de Kokuhaku Shitekita Hazu no Gal ga, Dō Mitemo Boku ni Beta Bore Des” by HJ Bunko. Released in North America by J-Novel Club. Translated by Satoko Kakihara.

The ‘horny’ parts of this series are becoming increasingly hilarious, as it has become apparent the author’s goal is to get the reader as mad as possible at everyone else who is trying to stop Yoshin and Nanami from going further. Which, my guess is, also includes editorial at Hobby Japan, who want this series to go on for a very long time and possibly get an anime while continuing to have them occasionally kiss each other and sometimes sleep next to each other. That said, even Yoshin and Nanami are starting to lose patience with the author. Nanami at one point invites Yoshin to touch her breasts, which he does not. There is a “could you put suntan lotion on me” scene that is filled with erotic tension, including moans. I appreciate that this is meant to be sweet and fluffy, and I enjoy that greatly. But please let these sweet, fluffy teenagers bang each other like drums.

Yoshin and Nanami have a lot going on. The class rep appears to be the one who left the note about the dare, and they’re trying to figure out what she actually wants. Yoshin has started a new part-time job which has a hot college-age gyaru waitress who is very extroverted and quick to get in your personal space. And the combination of both of those sets Nanami into a spiral, as she worries that if Yoshin meets any other girl who likes him, she might be dumped. This despite the fact that everyone who sees her talks about how amazingly hot she is. It just goes to show that self-image does not have to match outer appearance. Most importantly, it’s Nanami’s birthday, and she wants to spend the ENTIRE day with him, from midnight to midnight. Will they be able to resist temptation? (See first paragraph for answer.)

The afterword talks about how easily the tense drama in this series is defused, but that’s good, because you don’t want tense drama from a series like this. With the co-worker it’s a really easy defusion – she’s in college, not interested in 16-year-old Yoshin, and is mostly just bad about personal space. The class rep is harder, mostly as she’s bringing her own bad past into Yoshin and Nanami’s own relationship and laying it over, thus she can’t understand why the two of them are so happy when she’s so miserable. Yoshin lays out the theme of the books to date – we constantly communicate, and don’t let things simmer and fester. (There actually is a brief 2-day fester in this volume, which feels like a month to the two of them, but even in that period everyone around them talks about how they can’t stop flirting.) The resolution to class rep’s issues feels a tad forced for fictional purposes, but I’ll give it a pass, as long as Nanami’s worries can eventually calm down.

These two are basically married, so the rest of the series is going to probably be high school events (Book 8 looks like it’s school festival time) and watching these sweet kids not screw each other till the cows come home. Can’t wait to be frustrated more.

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