License Roundup – Pre-NYCC Edition

There’s only 2 titles here, but I though I’d get them out of the way rather than include them with all the NYCC stuff. Plus they’re both excellent.


Vertical has added a seinen manga called Prophecy (Yokokuhan), which just finished its run in Shueisha’s Jump X. (For those wondering what Vertical’s doing with a Shueisha title, apparently this came via France and was somewhat convoluted… not sure of all the details, but don’t expect Vertical to license Medaka Box anytime soon.) The author seems to specialize in tense psychological thrillers, and this promises to be in that vein.


Meanwhile, One Peace Books has been a quiet player in the manga market so far, with a reissue of Crayon Shin-chan, and the forthcoming Black Bard in November of this year. But they really got the internet buzzing when their new license showed up on Amazon: Whispered Words, better known to yuri fans as Sasameki Koto. Running from 2007-2012 in Media Factory’s Comic Alive, Sasameki Koto tells the story of Sumika, a young woman in love with her best friend Ushio, but unable to confess her feelings as Ushio loves small, cute girls and Sumika is tall and a martial-arts prodigy in karate. It was adapted into an anime, and also featured Kiyori and her eating curry bread, something I dearly would read an entire manga of. The Amazon listing notes it’s 472 pages, so I suspect this 9-volume series may come out in 3 omnibuses.

And that’s just a taste! Wait till later this week for even more license madness!

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