September’s Manga Moveable Feast: After School Nightmare

Every month a group of manga bloggers get together and have a discourse about a manga title they feel needs to be discussed. It’s a book club, and has led to discussion of manga that ranges from the alternative Sexy Voice and Robo to the adorable Yotsuba&! Essentially, we like to talk, and we’re here to talk to you about manga, whether they be titles you’d never thought to pick up before, or titles that everyone and their brother reads but are still eminently discussable.

This month our manga of choice is After School Nightmare (“Houkago Hokenshitsu”), by Setona Mizushiro. Part shoujo romance, part psychological horror, and part gender identity crisis, it ran for three years in Akita Shoten’s shoujo magazine Princess, and ended up being 10 volumes in total. Those volumes were published in North America by Go! Comi.

I’ll be posting a review of Volume 1 later this week, but in the meantime I declare this months’s MMF open, and invite people to send me links to their reviews/discussions/thought collages regarding After School Nightmare. Please email me any links at gaffneys at gmail dot com. If you don’t have a blog, email me your discussion and I will post it to my blog.

This is the post you should bookmark – I will edit it as needed to add links to the end.

Johanna Draper Carlson has some thoughts on the series, and in another post looks at the same author’s earlier X-Day.
Melinda Beasi points you to her review of Volume 1.
Erica Friedman reviews Volumes 1 & 2.
Lori Henderson gains interest in the series by reading Volume 5.
I’ve written up my own thoughts on Volume 1 here.
AnimeMiz takes a look at the romantic triangle of the series.
David Welsh reposts an excellent overview he wrote for The Comics Reporter.
Rob McMonigal discusses how After School Nightmare has some of his favorite things.
Michelle Smith enjoys Volume 1 quite a bit, finding Mashiro’s dual nature well-handled.

Have fun!

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