Manga the Week of 8/17

After the huge pile of the last two weeks, I was waiting for a quiet week, and thank goodness that’s what I get. Only Viz is shipping this week (yes, not even any invisible Kodansha releases this time around), so we have far less to talk about.

First off, somehow coming out a week late, we have Vol. 3 of Itsuwaribito, a Shonen Sunday series about deception. Then we’ve got the elite Viz Signature titles. Vol. 4 of Bokurano: Ours, which is heartwarming and soul crushing all at once, I hear. Vol. 4 of the awesome Dorohedoro, which I will ramble on about more when Pick of the Week comes around. A new 20th Century Boys, which will no doubt have plot twists (though surely it must be up to the point of tying things together by now…). And the 2nd omnibus of Tenjo Tenge, which will have lots of fighting and fanservice. And possibly plot. But probably not much.

So what are you getting?

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  1. I read the second Tenjo Tenge omnibus not much plot the fight sequnces are still pretty brutal and their’s a little charcter devlopment for some of the secondary charcters. But other than that it’s just an excuse for Oh Great! to do what he does best draw hot girls and buff tough guys fighting it’s okay for two volumes but this being volumes three and four it’s just feels played out now.


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