Manga the Week of 9/7

It’s the first week of the month, and you know what that means. Far, far too much manga. What’s worse, Diamond is finally catching up with Kodansha. (Midtown, not so much). I mentioned most of the titles coming in last week (Bloody Monday, Cage of Eden, Phoenix Wright), but one I did not is the re-release of Gon, the adorable (and fearsome) baby dinosaur manga that is actually getting its third re-release. Kodansha is apparently trying to pitch it for a movie, and I think it could be a big hit with the right company. Naturally, being about the antics of a baby dino, it ran in Kodansha’s magazine for adult salarymen, Weekly Morning.

There is also Dark Horse, which is now releasing the 39th volume of Oh My Goddess. I should note that Dark Horse is worried about how old fans will think the manga is given the high volume number, and so ongoing volumes will also remain Volume 39, in tribute to Jack Benny.

The rest is aaaaaaaaall Viz. From Weekly Shonen Jump: Bleach 36, Death Note omnibus 5, Naruto 7-8-9 omnibus, regular Naruto 52, One Piece 58, and Toriko 6. There’s also Ultimo from Jump Square. All featuring Friendship, Perseverance, and Victory. There’s also Kekkaishi 7-8-9 omnibus as well, which is from Shonen Sunday, so is legally obligated not to have friendship, perseverance, or victory. Sad, really.

On the shoujo end, we have cute Hakusensha mangas! Library Wars 6, La Corda D’Oro 14 (another in Viz’s ‘see, it’s not cancelled, just on a ‘no one buys this at all’ schedule!’ titles), and Oresama Teacher 4. Slightly less cutely, we get Grand Guignol Orchestra 3. We have cute Shueisha manga! It’s another volume of tug-at-your-heartstrings Kimi ni Todoke. We have sexy Shogakukan manga! There’s ‘Who am I to argue with its sales?’ Black Bird 10, as well as techno-thriller shoujo romance Dengeki Daisy 6. And we have one final volume, as not-really-shoujo smutty comedy Butterflies, Flowers ends with Vol. 8. I’m betting on a wedding.

All this and a Pokemon Black and White! Are you prepared for this much manga?

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  1. Woohoo!! It’s been so long since I got a huge-pile-o’-manga! A whole month! (actually, almost 1 1/2 because the last pile shipped early.) I’m so excited :D

    I didn’t realize La Corda is on the slow publishing schedule. Aww… I kinda want to read it out of sympathy, as a fan of a few other titles on slow release. (what ever happened to Crimson Hero?)

  2. I second the question on Crimson Hero! Volleyball manga: come on, what’s not to love?! By the author who brought you (well, at least me) the quirktastic The Devil Does Exist!

  3. Oh, and Gon is back! I’m ridiculously happy about that. This is an amazing manga, if you haven’t read it. In small doses, it never fails to crack me up (and/or gross me out). It’s weird and adorable, and I’m so glad it’s been picked up again! Now I can have three publishing companies’ volumes on my shelf mismatching in ragged splendor. :)

  4. Already picked up Butterflies, Flowers, La corda d’oro, Library Wars, Oresama Teacher, and Death Note Black Edition. Can’t wait to get my hands on Kimi ni Todoke, Dengeki Daisy, and BLACK BIRD.

  5. I’m a little bit confused. Could you elaborate more on the statement you made about Oh My Goddess.
    I just checked their website and they’ve got vol. 40 listed.

    • Sean Gaffney says

      I was making lame joke that few would get these days, about an old American radio comic, Jack Benny, who was ‘perpetually 39’ – even well into his 70s. A similar Japanese one would be voice actress Inoue Kikuko telling her fans she’s 17 years old.

      Rest assured Volume 40 will follow, and I will have to think of a new bad joke few people will get. :)

      • Don’t ya just hate it when that happens! You think a joke is going to slay them but it falls flat.

        I liked it though! My Great Grandma loved that gag back in the day. Every year we had a 22nd birthday for her. She insisted that it wasn’t for vanities sake, but to save us money on candles :)


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