Manga the Week of 10/19

After a smaller Week 2, Week 3 is fairly hefty!

Dark Horse brings us Volume 19 of Gantz, another title that seems designed purely for the comic book store fan. But hey, it seems to sell well enough, so good design! And they’ve also got the debut of CLAMP’s new title, Gate 7! Like most CLAMP titles, I expect the beginning to be fantastic. The ending, I make no promises.

Kodansha brings us Volume 2 of Gon, the highly underrated seinen manga that kids can also love about a small dinosaur with a big attitude! (Hey, who said I can’t write copy?)

Vertical gives us the penultimate volume of Black Jack. Ed Chavez has hinted they will announce a new Tezuka title at NYCC. If it’s to take the place of Black Jack, it’ll have its work cut out for it; Tezuka’s medical series is top notch.

Viz has two new IKKI titles, the 4th volume of cloned famous people high school thriller Afterschool Charisma and relaxing manga-loving slice of life Kingyo Used Books. And they have the 3rd omnibus edition of Tenjo Tenge, which will have fighting and fanservice as always. But the fanservice is DEEP and MEANINGFUL, honest.

And Yen has a pile of stuff. New Black Butler! It may not last quite as long on the bestseller lists as it once did, but it still hangs out there all the time. The 2nd Bride’s Story hardcover, which I’m hoping will be a bit warmer and more engaging than Vol. 1 (though just as well-written and drawn as 1 was). New volumes for Cirque Du Freak (aka Darren Shan), Pandora Hearts, Soul Eater, and Spice & Wolf. Higurashi When They Cry begins a new arc, this one finally focusing on its ‘poster child’ Rena. And a new volume of Yotsuba&!, which will no doubt make the internet explode in cute glee once more.

My shop is only getting in a few of the Yen titles (Bride’s Story and Soul Eater aren’t on my shop’s list for some reason), but there’s still plenty for everyone. Enjoy!

I’m off to New York Comic Con and Anime Fest for the next few days. Expect daily news updates, and no reviews in the interim.

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  1. I got Yotsuba&! 10 and A Bride’s Story 2 in the mail today. 10 days earlier than expected. Read them both and loved them both. Yotsuba&! was simply delightful and A Bride’s Story has got me hooked. Also, I love that stunning, hardcover presentation. Such a simple thing like that really makes these books worth having.

  2. It seems that I won’t be getting any Yen Press title this week as they are not yet available at my bookstore. The new volumes of Spice and Wolf, Black Butler, Pandora Hearts, Yotsuba&!, and A Bride’s Story are the ones I will be getting.

    I will also be getting the first volume of CLAMP’s GATE 7.


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