Manga the Week of 11/9

Thank you to all who have patiently seen my blog not updating for days due to the nightmarish power loss here in New England.

Now, next week. Bandai has the second volume of their Tales of the Abyss manga tie in, Asch the Bloody. I somehow suspect the series is not much like Evil Dead, but may be wrong.

DMP has some more BL. The second volume of the amusingly titled Bad Teacher’s Equation. Volume 2 of Border, which seems a lot more dramatic. And a one-volume manga called Yakuza Cafe, which I imagine will have Yakuza… running a cafe! See, who said 5 days with no power impaired my ability to write?

Speaking of BL, or at least BL light, Kodansha has the 2nd and final volume of Until the Full Moon. Which has a teenage vampire/werewolf bishie betrothed to a playboy vampire bishie. In other words, you would think it was a license to print money.

Udon has the 3rd volume of Mega Man Gigamix, which really gets no blogger love whatsoever. Come on, where’s the Mega Man fans? (Yes, I know, pot meet kettle.)

And then there’s Viz, acknowledging that nobody parties like it’s 1999 anymore, with their re-release of CLAMP’s most apocalyptic series, X. I have a general “I like happy endings” objection to this series, especially given it takes the fun couples from CLAMP School Detectives and writes them in here to be part of the disaster, but luckily the series has been on hiatus in Japan for years, so likely I’ll never have to worry about the mass deaths that will inevitably be supplied at the end.

In non-X news, there’s new Dogs: Bullets and Carnage, which has more than two characters, but you’d never know it by the fandom. There’s a new Inu Yasha omnibus, which I believe will have Vols. 25-27. And new Rin-Ne, where Sakura will continue to not get angry. That’s her trait. ‘And Sakura?” “She doesn’t get angry. A lot.” and of course a new Pokemon Black & White, which is filled with the sort of things that makes people Pokemon fans.

What appeals to you?

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  1. My daughter will be excited about Megaman Gigamix. She been waiting for the last volume. I suppose I could review both series, as have them. I’d try to make her do it, but as a teenager now, she has no problem telling me no. :(

  2. That, sir, was way more amusing than it had any right to be. I’d only be looking forward to X if they were going to finish it. I wonder if I should take heart that they might finish Legal Drug . . . So, probably Dogs: Bullets and Carnage. I’m kind of afraid to ask what two characters are captivating the fandom . . .

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