Manga the Week of 11/30

It’s a 5th Wednesday of the month, folks. By all rights, we should be lucky we have any manga at all. Luckily, our friends at Diamond are still giving us Kodansha releases one week after bookstores, so there’s still something to talk about. Oh, and hey, who’s this?

Why it’s MPD-Psycho 10 from Dark Horse! A mere eight years after it came out in Japan, and 2 1/2 years after Vol. 9 was seen on North American shores. See? There’s hope for Translucent after all! In any case, this horror mystery is the darker, more serious counterpart to Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, they share the same writer and are both put out here by Dark Horse. Hopefully soon we will see more of KCDS as well!

Meanwhile, Kodansha gives us two more titles. Negima 32 is MOSTLY a breather volume, featuring a few more revelations and some good face time for the Sports Girls. However, danger lurks around the corner, as psycho Tsukuyomi shows up again. And then there’s the cliffhanger. I won’t spoil it, except to say that when Chapter 294 came out in Japan, fans FREAKED OUT. Kodansha also releases the 27th volume of The Wallflower. By now I feel as if I am its only reader anymore, but I don’t care; I don’t need resolution. I just want more goofy Sunako comedy. And here it is.

And while I don’t normally mention manwha here, I have to think of my fellow Manga Bookshelf comrades trying to dredge up a Pick of The Week in a few days. So I will note that Yen Press is putting out the 9th volume of 13th Boy. Churchy LaFemme would be terrified of him, I betcha.

Any picks to brighten up a post-Thanksgiving lull?

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  1. I prefer Kurosagi but MPD Psycho helps fill the void that Kurosagi has left open in me for FAR TOO LONG ggggrrrr

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