Manga the Week of 12/14

‘Tis Christmas, and still no offers of pantomime! No worries, though. We may not have Aladdin’s Wonderful Lamp, but there’s a nice healthy chunk of manga there. So what’s in store, Widow Twankey?

Kodansha features the 3rd volume of the re-release of Gon. If you haven’t read the adventures of the tiny dinosaur scrapper, now’s the time to catch up.

It’s the second week of the month, so Manga must be Starting On Sundays again. From Shonen Sunday this time around we get Vol. 8 of Arata: The Legend, Vol. 4 of Itsuwaribito, the 29th volume of Kekkaishi (that’s quite an accomplishment for a Sunday series!), and the 8th volume of Maoh: Juvenile Remix, pictured above doing their best anti-censorship pose, and with this volume’s remix by The Art of Noise. Meanwhile, from the seinen end of things, we get a new 20th Century Boys, which at Vol. 18 is almost nearing its climax at last. And Vol. 5 of House of Five Leaves, which will continue to feature people talking to each other a lot and people staring while not talking to each other at all. Sometimes at the same time! And for those who did not get it this week like the rest of us did, Naruto 53 is on Midtown’s list as well.

Lastly, presumably not arriving with the pile of Yen that came in this week, we have Vol. 2 of The Betrayal Knows My Name, which has mysterious men with mysterious powers hiding mysterious pasts. Mysterious!

Clap if you’re going to buy manga this week! Oh come on, that wasn’t loud enough! Clap harder!

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  1. togainunochi says

    CLAP!!!! clap, clap, clap, clap………..:)

  2. Will definitely be getting Arata: The Legend and 20th Century Boys this weekend. I hope I could find the new Spice and Wolf novel, though it is not likely.

  3. I’ve already got Kekkaishi 29 and Maoh 8! I’m actually going to wait to read Kekkaishi until it has finished coming out, I tend to forget what happened between volumes, so I’ve got 4 volumes sitting there that I haven’t yet read. Though they seem to be releasing them more often now, perhaps as part of a push due to the TV show being on air (which is also why every volume has a “as seen on adult swim!” sticker on it now), and man, they’re so close to finishing! I’ve been following Viz’s release of Kekkaishi since volume 5 or something came out, so really really early on, you can practically see a history of how the Shonen Sunday line spine logos change through Kekkaishi.


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