Manga the Week of 12/28

It may be quiet in your office, and everyone’s out having a post-Christmas lull, but there are lots of things coming into your local comic shop. Or at least Midtown’s shop. As always, actual dates may vary.

Dark Horse releases two series that could not be further apart from each other. The tits and violence appeal of Gantz, whose Vol. 20 is out next week, contrasts with the chaste and pure Oh My Goddess (Vol. 40), where even the supposed sexpot Urd isn’t doing anything worth slapping a rating on. That said, Oh My Goddess’s cast is breaking into Hell, so perhaps things will change.

Wandering Son was a very pleasant surprise in 2011, and I am pleased that we will be seeing the second volume before the year is out. Volume 1 was setting up the two leads and their desires, I expect Vol. 2 will throw a few monkey wrenches into things.

And Kodansha has its giant pile of manga which every other bookstore got today. Ah, Diamond… this includes Vol. 3s for Animal Land, Bloody Monday and Cage of Eden; the second Tokyo Mew Mew omnibus; another Phoenix Wright volume; and the 12th in everyone’s favorite footnoted series, Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei. There is also Vol. 21 of Air Gear, for those who read Tenjo Tenge and felt it just needed more inline skates.

Anything here reaching out to grab you? Throw off 2011 in style… with manga!

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  1. Today, Amazon told me that they shipped my copy of Wandering Son 2! Yay! And then somehow I’d forgotten they announced Heart of Thomas, so seeing that got me all excited for next year!


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