Sailor Moon MMF: Day 1 links

We’ve got some excellent links from Day One of this Manga Moveable Feast!

Aaron Kooienga tells us all why he’s so find of the magical girl genre, and also reviews the second volume of Codename: Sailor V.

Erica Friedman wrote a great article for Hooded Utilitarian a while back about why Sailor Moon was such a huge influence on North America.

Ed Sizemore found that he had issues with Usagi as a heroine in his review of Volume 1, but he was able to get behind Minako more. Ed also did a podcast about the series with Erica and Emily Snodrass.

Erin Jamison gives us a look at what lessons one can learn from Usagi Tsukino.

I’ve reviewed the first two volume of both Sailor Moon and Sailor V here, and I also discussed the character of Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter.

And that’s just Day 1! What will other days bring?

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  1. I loved the Sailor Moon series. Great for every kid out there .


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