Sailor Moon MMF: Day 5 Links

There’s more activity for Day 5, with several new links.

Ash Brown reviews the first volume of Sailor Moon, and finds the story a bit unfocused, but is charmed by the characters. There’s also a competition at that site to win the first volume!

Animemiz is another long-time fan, and discusses her ongoing love for the series.

Margaret Emma gives us an essay on how Sailor Moon opened life up for her, and the lessons she takes from it on love and friendship.

Crystal Lewis takes a closer look at Usagi, and talks about the anime sometimes exaggerating her bad points.

And speaking of the anime and its influence, I take a look at Mamoru, Chibi-Usa and Rei and the changes they made – some quite significant! – going from page to screen.

Lastly, the Manga Bookshelf team had an ongoing discussion about the first volumes of both Sailor Moon and Sailor V.

Some fantastic articles here. Get to reading!

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