Manga the Week of 1/11

A nice, reasonable 2nd week this month, with many interesting things coming out. Also, I’ll be getting Wandering Son 2 finally. Why I’m getting it after the rest of you already have, I don’t know.

Bandai emits a last gasp with its release of Volume 3 of the shrine maiden harem comedy Kannagi. If you want to know how it ends, I advise watching the anime, I suppose.

Dark Horse reminds us it’s not all just Gantz and Oh My Goddess there these days. They also have their various Evangelion spinoffs! This is Volume 10 of the AU story Shinji Ikari Raising Project, which seems to mostly be a kinder, gentler Evangelion. A reminder that it’s edited by Carl Horn as well. I wonder if it has extensive endnotes…

Seven Seas has a new volume of the big bestseller Dance in the Vampire Bund, which I’m sure they’re very happy remains an ongoing series in Japan. How long it remains ongoing is an interesting question, as Media Factory was just bought by Kadokawa. I’m not sure what they’ll be doing with Comic Flapper. Could this series move to Young Ace? At least, unlike Hayate x Blade, Seven Seas doesn’t have to worry about the series moving to a company that it’s near impossible to license from.

Manga Ends On Sunday as we see the final volume of Hyde & Closer from Viz. They’ve also got a much longer running Sunday series with Case Closed Vol. 41. And for older readers who perhaps want a bit more violence and death, there’s new volumes of Jormungand from Sunday GX and Bokurano: Ours from Ikki.

Anything appealing to you this week?

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