Manga the Week of 1/25

We’re back, and I hope many of you know the difference between fighting piracy and handing over absolute power to multinational corporations. Now it’s time to see what’s out the last week of January, as we have quite a few tasty treats.

Dark Horse releases the 3rd Cardcaptor Sakura omnibus, aka the first three ‘Master of the Clow’ books. Now that Sakura has captured all the cards, what’s left? Well, for one things, Eriol is still around. And for another, there’s that pesky romantic subplot. Any fan of manga should have this series in some form, and Dark Horse’s reissue is fantastic.

Digital Manga Publishing apparently have realized that Diamond didn’t ship any of their stuff for a couple of months now, and have an absolute pile of things coming out. About Love, which is actually about Wedding Planners, but I think love fits in there somewhere as well. Vol. 5 of Finder and Vol. 6 of Vampire Hunter D. New volumes of Kabuki (Green), Moon and Blood, Only Serious About You, Private Teacher, and The Tyrant Falls In Love. And one-shots Mr. Convenience (insert Open All Night joke here), Storm Flower, and the fantastically titled Secrecy of the Shivering Night. For the yaoi fan, it’s an absolute bonanza (provided they have enough cash to get this Viz blitz worth of manga.)

One week after hitting bookstores, Sailor Moon 3 arrives in Diamond right on time. This volume will wrap up the first ‘arc’ and begin the second, introducing new fans to the wonder that is Chibi-Usa. (I kid.) There’s also a new volume of shoujo suspense series Arisa.

Lastly, Viz has Vol. 5 of Afterschool Charisma, which I think some folks may have seen earlier, but seems to just be hitting Midtown now. Support your local Ikki title.

What’s ready to leap into your shopping basket?

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