Manga the Week of 4/25

Well, this shouldn’t take long. There’s a tiny, tiny amount of manga out next week (from Midtown Comics, a fact I try to emphasize every week when people say “But what about X, which Amazon released this week?”). In fact, there are two titles.

Stare into this girl’s soulful gaze and try not to buy Air Gear 23, you heartless monster. (At least I hope it’s a soulful gaze. It could be drugged to the gills for all I know.) The series is ending in Japan this spring, this reducing our number of manga with surprise Obama cameos in it by one.

Then there’s Volume 12 of GTO: The Early Years, aka Shonan Jun’ai Gumi. In the recent Shonan 14 Days, Onizuka had to really do his best to avoid violence (well, until it happened anyway), noting he is supposed to be a teacher. None of that here – Onizuka may be a Yankee with a heart, but he’s still a gang leader, meaning there’s lots and lots of fights. And more fights. And still more fights. It’s fantastic.

That’s it. Given the last three weeks, I for one welcome the break (though I’m getting SJG anyway). How about you?

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  1. Huh. Air Gear is ending. Well, I can use all the good news I can get after finding out Bakuman is ending.

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