Manga the Week of 7/18

Diamond may still be shorting me on manga every single week, but despite that I continue to bring you this list of what’s out next week. This week I combine Midtown’s list (missing a title arriving at my store) and my own comic shop’s (missing one on Midtown’s list). Both, ironically, from the same publisher.

Kodansha has its usual list of titles Diamond gets one week later than everyone else, for some reason. We have Fairy Tail 20, which wraps up one arc only to send us barreling directly into another. Negima 35 continues to feature the giant final battle to save the magic world, with lots of posturing and counter-posturing. Sailor Moon 6 kicks off the S arc, and you know what that means… fans complaining about the romanization of the Outers’ last names, that’s right. (I’m joking, please don’t actually do so.) And Shugo Chara-chan 4 are no doubt more wacky and hilarious 4-koma adventures of the cast of Shugo Chara. (It’s harder to do these for titles I don’t read, I admit.)

Sublime has two new yaoi titles. Awkward Silence is by Hinako Takanaga, who has had everything in the world licensed over here. Honestly, this summary reads like it could be a generic shoujo manga, were the leads not both men. There’s also Punch Up! by Shiuko Kano, whose premise at least features grouchy construction workers. I’d go for the latter over the former (what with all my experience in reading BL, of course.)

In Viz’s regular line, we’re up to Vol. 21 of 20th Century Boys, as things pound relentlessly towards a climax.

And there’s July’s pile of stuff from Yen Press. Midtown doesn’t show The Disappearance of Nagato-Yuki-chan, but my shop’s getting it in, so I’m counting it here. For all those who want a kinder, gentler Haruhi series with less world saving and more adorable, this is for you. There’s also Durarara!! Vol. 3, which Midtown lists but my store does not. The striking covers of DRRR always appeal, but the manga artist has shown a deft touch with the plotting as well.

In other Yen series, Book Girl and The Wayfarer’s Lamentation is the 5th in the series, and may actually finally get into the mysterious past of Konoha’s in greater detail. 13th Boy hits Vol. 12, which dovetails nicely with 20th Century Boys hitting Vol. 21. Black Butler is up to double digits for this satanically popular series (see what I did there? I should write ad copy). There’s new High School of the Dead and Pandora Hearts, and the 2nd volume of Is This A Zombie? is there for those not driven off by Vol. 1. The other big debut this week is Vol. 1 of spinoff series Soul Eater Not!, which is serialized day-date by Yen Press as part of their Yen Plus online magazine. Should be fun. (Twilight Vol. 2 is also listed, but as this came out in October everywhere else, I’m not sure why.)

That’s a lot of great stuff! What are you getting?

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