Manga the Week of 9/19

First off, shut up all you Yotsuba fans. My blog, I get to choose the featured image. :)

Dark Horse is hitting us with a double dose of CLAMP – or should that be a quadruple dose, as both CLAMP books are omnibus volumes. First off, Card Captor Sakura finishes up with its fourth and final volume, and is as cute and fun as ever. Secondly, Angelic Layer arrives, CLAMP’s first big attempt at shonen, in the first of two big books. Angelic Layer is one of the few anime series where the anime is much better than the manga, but despite this, the manga is still worth checking out. And for those of you who want the polar opposite of these titles, there’s the 36th volume of Berserk. I’m pretty sure Guts is never going to be a Magical Girl. No, don’t send me fanart links.

Speaking of genuine Magical Girls, Kodansha brings us the 7th volume of Sailor Moon, still deep in the S arc. If you like Outers being aloof and Usagi wishing everyone could all just get along, you’ll love this! There’s also the second volume of Attack on Titan, which startled us all at the end of Volume 1 by killing off its hero. Can Mikasa succeed where he failed?

Viz Media has the 22nd and final volume of 20th Century Boys… though the series as a whole is not quite over yet. It’s been a long ride, and I’m glad they stuck it out.

And there’s a bevy of stuff from Yen Press! Higurashi returns from its summer break, and begins the penultimate arc, cheerfully called the Massacre Arc. This one was six volumes in Japan (and the final arc eight), so Yen has chosen to omnibus it, giving us the first two here. Speaking of omnibuses, there’s also the 2nd volume of action thriller Until Death Do Us Part, with Vol. 3 and 4 of the original Japanese series. Manwha gets a look in with new volumes of both Raiders and Jack Frost. BL fans will be pleased to know there’s a new Tale of the Waning Moon. Omamori Himari gets back to its prologue with a Volume Zero. And best of all, after a long wait we have the 4th volume of adorable art school manga GA Art Design Class. Which, unlike Sunshine Sketch, has actual art lessons in it!

Hrm, I know that I’m forgetting something, what could it be…

Oh right! That Yotsuba&! thing has reached its 11th volume somehow, be it via huge sales, amazing word of mouth, or just being really really sweet and adorable. Expect more of the same.

So, how many omnibus bricks are you all getting this week?

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  1. Only Attack On Titan and nothing else.


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