A Preliminary NYCC 2012 Schedule

No more NYAF, but there’s even more anime/manga content than before.

1:30pm – Brand Licensing
2:30pm – Graphic Novel Collecting
4:00pm – How to Edit a Graphic Novel
6:15pm – My Little Pony

Thursday is Pro day, so I may not be allowed to get into some of these. The post-3pm panels seem to allow press. I’m amused that the Hasbro/My Little Pony panel is on Pro Day – well the description does say it’s primarily about marketing. Also, a Yen Press staffer will be at the editing panel.

11:00am: Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
12:45pm: Editors on Editing
1:45pm – Yoshitaka Amano
2:45pm – Archie Comics
4:00pm – Vertical, Inc.
6:30pm – Masakazu Ishiguro
7:45pm – UDON Publishing

The busiest day of the con, as it is every year. Judging by the lineups from last year, getting into Archie may be impossible, but I’ll try. I expect all the other panels to have more normal lines. Masakazu Ishiguro is the author of SoreMachi, and will be here with Young King OURS’ editor as guests of JManga. Peter Davison is at 3pm, and it breaks my heart to miss him, but the line will also be unreal. ^^;;

11:00am – Moyoko Anno
12:15pm – Rose of Versailles
1:30pm – Kodansha Comics
4:00pm – JManga
7:00pm – Yen Press
7:45pm – Shonen Jump ALPHA/Masakazu Katsura (author of Video Girl Ai and I”s (oh, and the Tiger & Bunny designer)).

A slightly easier Day 2, though lunch will be late. There’s a You Can’t Do That On Television panel opposite SJA, but it seems to not be about the Nickelodeon kids’ series at all, much to my disappointment. I will resist the temptation to ask SJA about Medaka Box – again – and will also try to resist the temptation to ask Katsura why he is so obsessed with female asses. Yen Press is also a late addition to the panel schedule, and conflict a bit with SJA, so I may lose the chance to ask if they’ll put out Bunny Drop 9 or not. :)

12:15pm – VIZ Media
3:00pm – Strong Female Characters

As always, Sunday is quiet day. Whoever scheduled ‘The Right To Defend Manga’ opposite Viz’s panel needs a swat. And sadly no Warner Brothers panel this year.

As ever, I will endeavor to keep you all informed of stuff throughout the con, though if my reception is as bad as it always seems to be they will likely be posts in the evening after I get back to the con.

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