Manga the Week of 10/3

It’s a first week of the month, folks. You know what that means. But let’s start with not-Viz stuff.

Kodansha has a new volume of Fairy Tail, continuing its alternate world journey. And they’ve got the oddly numbered Ghost in the Shell Volume 1.5, which is still 176 pages, in case folks were worried.

Vertical has the debut of its new re-release of Paradise Kiss, this one in larger trim, 3 omnibus volumes and a new translation. The manga is fantastic, anyone who hasn’t read it yet should go get it. And Arashi no longer speaks like a Brit. There’s also the new Drops of God, leaping ahead to discuss wines from ‘the new world’, and also possibly the last volume unless sales get really really good. And GTO is up to his 5th volume of 14 Days in Shonan, the halfway point.

Viz, of course, has its Viz blitz. On the Shonen Jump side we have Bakuman 15, Bleach 48 and 49 (which, hallelujah hallelujah, moves onto a new arc), Nura 11, Slam Dunk 24, Toriko 12, and Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds 3, which sounds like a RPG dice roll. Meanwhile, on the shoujo side, there’s Dawn of the Arcana 6, Devil and Her Love Song 5, Jiu Jiu 2, Skip Beat! 29, Stepping on Roses 8 (any shogi, let me know), and Story of Saiunkoku 8. There’s something for everyone, in other words. Well, unless you’re a hardcore ‘indie manga only’ person. In which case, look up for Vertical stuff.

So what are you getting? And can you finish it before New York Comic Con?

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