A Preliminary NYCC 2013 Schedule

This year’s NYCC is even more vicious than last year in terms of competing events at the same time. And Friday will be busier than ever. But let’s break down what I’d like to cover, in an ideal world, and if I could split into multiple bodies:

3pm: Women in Comics
6:15pm: New York Times OUT and Geeks Out present LGBT and Allies in Comics

A fairly light Thursday, to give a warm-up to the event itself. Both of these panels are things I’ve taken an increasing interest in over the last few years, and I will be intrigued to hear what is said.

11:15am: Vertical Manga
1:45pm: Welcome to Night Vale: The Art of Weird Podcasting
2:45: From Light Novel to Anime/Manga: Presented by the Japan Foundation
3pm: Shonen Jump live podcast
3pm: Kodansha Comics
4:15pm: Viz Media Panel
5:30pm: Ranma 1/2 Panel
5:30pm: CLBDF: The Secret Origins of Comic Censorship!
7:30pm: Toughpigs.com Presents Jim Henson: The Biography

As you can see, this is my first “I need to be in three places at once” day, and also assures me that I will be having an early lunch and a very late supper. Most likely Kodansha will win out over light novels and Jump for having my actual presence. And there’s no way I’m missing the Ranma panel. (And yes, it is a panel, not a screening – the screening is Thursday night.) I also suspect Night Vale may have one of those “…you know, maybe not” long lines of death.

11:15am: 50 Years Of Doctor Who
11:15am: Yen Press Industry Panel
2:45pm: The Mary Sue Presents: Representation in Geek Media
3pm: Archie Comics: Zombies, Heroes, Cartoons and More!

This day hurts my soul, as it has four panels, two of which conflict with the other two. Being a manga blogger, I should see the Yen panel, especially as I had to leave LAST year’s panel early for a Jump panel that was scheduled at the same time. however, the Doctor Who panel is hosted by several folks from the online rec.arts.drwho days of the mid-1990s, who I have never met in person and deeply would like to see. So Melinda may cover that for MB and let me know what happened afterwards. Remind me to grovel at Kurt and Tania later.

As for the afternoon, the Mary Sue panel sounds really really interest, but I haven’t missed an Archie panel at NYCC yet, and they really give great panel every year. I’m actually still undecided about this one.

You’ll note my schedule is empty after 4. There’s likely a lot to see that I may opt for… or, alternatively, if we want to do a massive dinner with friends away from the con, that would be great too. There is a Viz anime panel at 8pm, too.

1:30pm: Warner Archive Presents: Forgotten TV Heroes
2:30pm: CBLDF: Raising a Reader
2:45pm: Doctor Who: Big Finish Audio Dramas And More…

Believe it or not, this is a bigger Sunday than usual for me… Sunday has traditionally been the ‘relax and maybe go home early’ day of the con. I’m quite fond of Warner Archive, so may see some of the TV Heroes event. And while I’m more of a prose than audio Who spinoff fan, there is the promise of Colin Baker at the Big Finish panel to entice me…

So a very busy con. No matter what I may see, though, be aware that my primary purpose at the con is to do a swell job for you, my readers. Expect much talk of things! Happening! IN THE FUTURE! And I won’t even mentioned Medaka Box at the Viz panel this year. Much.

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