Even More Licenses

I swear companies check my blog to make sure I’ve posted, then do announcements.

So yes, 2 new titles from Kodansha today (well, technically 3, they’re putting out Attack on Titan 1-5 in a giant 1000-page omnibus). Let’s investigate.


First, we have another Ema Toyama title. Despite hitting high above its supposed age bracket, Missions of Love has been doing pretty well for the company, and they already did an omnibus of I Am Here!. Now we get a series that cries out for a translated title, GDGD-DOGS (Kodansha will release it as Manga Dogs). Running for 3 volumes in Aria magazine, this series about a teenage manga artist and her pretty boy wannabe students seems to be light and fluffy, and I wonder if Kodansha will do it as one big omnibus or 3 separate volumes.

As for Noragami, that’s 10 volumes and counting, and may be the next big thing to come over here from Monthly Shonen Magazine. This one has an anime currently airing, which is likely a big reason they’re taking a chance on the series. The author is best known over here for Alive, the post-apocalyptic manga that Del Rey put out 8 volumes of before it became part of the Giant Del Rey Title Purge. The plot sounds oddly a bit like Kamisama Kiss. Looking forward to see where it goes.

Also, although I’m not sure Yen has officially announced this, but the 3rd Durarara!! arc, subtitled Yellow Flag Orchestra (that sound you hear is Baccano! light novel fans crying), will be beginning this fall. Like Umineko, Durarara!! seems to be a series that Yen enjoys, but is only licensing in chunks. Makes sense, given it’s pretty much caught up with Japan. This arc focuses more on Kida’s troubled past and wavering loyalties.

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