Return of the Son of License Roundups

These are coming in so fast that I honestly can’t keep up, and I’m so glad that I’m not a news site.


Viz had one more title I missed in the last roundup, which is Biohazard – Marhawa Desire, a Shonen Champion title that Viz will release under the Resident Evil name that North America uses. Given the tie-in, you can likely expect some horror here. It’s 5 volumes long.


The doujinshi anthology has done pretty well for companies in the past few years, as we’ve seen Dark Horse do one for Evangelion and Bandai do several related to Code Geass. Yen already had The Misadventures of Kyon and Koizumi. This one from Yen Press will actually be three from the same company fused together, and I suspect lots of comedy will ensue. It’s a good value for money, in any case.


I’d seen this up on Amazon a while ago, but wanted to wait for confirmation as the info I could find suggested it was a light novel. But wait, I said. Seven Seas? Didn’t Adam Arnold say he’d rather gnaw his own leg off rather than publish another light novel? And yet there it is. This is what happens when you have access to a cash cow franchise. In any case, this novel is in the Alice in the Country of Diamonds series, whose premise I seem to recall is that Alice arrives in the new country but no one knows who she is. My guess, judging by the cover, is it’ll be another Blood pairing.


As for Crunchyroll, they’ve announced so much I’ve gotten ridiculously far behind. 3 YKO titles, including the old JManga favorite And Yet The Town Moves. Some digital editions of manga already licensed for print, such as Heroic Legend of Arslan and Ajin. Lots of Moyoco Anno titles, including mature josei from Shodensha’s Feel Young and cute slice-of-life newspaper comic manga. A Morning manga that likely would not make it over to print anytime soon in Investor Z. And most exciting to me, Koe no Katachi, coming out as A Silent Voice, a Shonen Magazine title about a deaf student and the boy who bullies her then tries to atone for it years later. This may be the keeper of the group.

So, got any favorites in here?

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  1. I would love to read Koe no Katachi! Sadly, the price of Crunchyroll’s all access membership is a little too much for me. I wish they would let people read the beginning of the story for free too, but I guess I’ll have to stick with the Japanese volumes.

  2. So happy to see all the new Crunchyroll licenses! I’m still annoyed that I can’t read the beginning of some of the series (because really, shouldn’t I be allowed to access a full backlog if I’m paying this much?), but Moyoco Anno’s work and Koe no Katachi are welcome additions to the somewhat limited selection they have so far.

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