Seven Seas License roundup

Seven Seas has this odd habit of waiting till I do a post talking about new licenses and then revealing their own, partly to ensure they get noticed but mostly I suspect to annoy me. Still, they’ve announced four new titles for late this year into next year, so let’s see what they have.


First, and least surprising, is the sequel to dance in the Vampire Bund, Scarlet Order, which runs in comic Flapper. Along with the alice books, Vampire Bund has been one of Seven Seas’s moneymakers, so it was a no brainer to get this one. It has vampires. And lolicon. And lolicon vampires!

Clay Lord is a relatively recent title from Ichijinsha’s Comic Zero-Sum, which means it’s sort of josei but technically sui generis. The story of a boy and his golem, this one may appeal to fans of Black Butler and similar stories.


Evergreen is probably the title I’m most excited about, mostly because I’m very fond of Toradora!, which is by the same author. (As for the artist, after glancing through her other works, I think I will merely whistle and pass gracefully by.) I had actually expected to see Golden Time next, also by Takemiya, and also running in Dengeki Daioh, which serializes Evergreen and Toradora!. The plot description reminds me a bit of Book Girl, as it stars a male lead who’s closed off and reclusive due to some tragedy in his past. Instead of Touko, though, we get the class beauty helping him out.

Lastly, we have Hitomi-sensei no Hokenshitsu, which runs in the dreaded Comic Ryu. Given the monster success of Monster Musume, it’s not hard to see why Seven Seas went looking for other titles in this magazine, particularly this one, which also involves monsters and comedy. This looks a bit less skeevy than Monster Musume, and involves a cyclops nurse at a monster high school helping kids out with their problems, and the emphasis seems to be firmly on the comedy. I’d give it a shot.

What interests you most?

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  1. Honestly Hitomi-sensei no Hokenshitsu interests me the most but I’d probably end up buying all of them because Seven Seas of all the companies tends to license stuff I like. Evergreen sounds really promising and I’m always down for some new Dance In The Vampire Bund. Yet Hitomi-Sensei has an interesting art style and right mixture of comedy and pathos

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