One Piece, Vol. 75

By Eiichiro Oda. Released in Japan by Shueisha, serialization ongoing in the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump. Released in North America by Viz.

The Dressrosa arc has gone on for a long time, and it’s got a long, long way to go. This can be a bit exhausting, especially given that this volume takes an already chaotic situation and threatens to turn it into incoherency. Thanks to Usopp, the toys are all turning back into people, and those left behind have regained their memory of them – including Violet and Rebecca. But Doflamingo is not going to let this stop him, as he deploys several body doubles and puts bounties on everyone who has opposed him – including Usopp, who gets the highest bounty of all, possibly the funniest moment in the book. There’s a lot going on, and One Piece is always enjoyable, but I always feel like I should reread the previous few volumes before I start this new one.


At least I’m finally able to talk about some revelations, even though the reappearance of Sabo has been the most obvious plot twist since Sogeking turned out to be Usopp. He and Koala are here representing the Revolutionary Army, who have to stop Doflamingo, but in reality he seems to mostly be here to help Luffy. This now means we have every major force on the island – pirates, marines, revolutionaries, actual residents, Tontattas… and it makes for a giant melee, as there’s just no way Dressrosa can contain this. At least Robin’s not a toy anymore. Oh yes, adn the tournament is over, as the Flame-Flame fruit is claimed by the victor. Somehow I don’t think Luffy will object too much.

Speaking of Luffy, he and Law make for an amusing comedy team throughout. Law is still cuffed with seastone, so literally all he can do is lay there and whine, and boy howdy does he. It’s always wonderful in One Piece to see the incredibly cool characters show off how nobody is ever that cool all the time, and Law’s frustration with Luffy’s ‘whatever, just go with it’ attitude is simply always funny. That said, I do hope he gets unlocked soon, as I’m fairly certain Doflamingo is not going to be as easy to defeat as Caesar Clown.

I’d say there are a few weaknesses. Rebecca continues to not be as strong a character as I’d expected, though to be fair to her she’s really going through a bunch of traumas that would make anyone break down. The huge cast and need to switch to a different part of the city every 2-3 pages does not make for easy reading, and I also miss Sanji, Nami, and other major Straw Hats, who have been shuffled off the page till this is all over. And I will admit, I thought everyone making fun of Pica’s voice was a bit mean. That said, it’s One Piece. If you read it, you’ll love it. If you don’t, you aren’t going to pick up Vol. 75.

Also, Sabo and Koala are totally Luffy and Nami, right? She even carries his hat!

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