Invaders of the Rokujouma!?, Vol. 15

By Takehaya and Poco. Released in Japan as “Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!?” by Hobby Japan. Released in North America digitally by J-Novel Club. Translated by Warnis.

The basic premise of this series is that all the many and varied girls who have their eye on Room 106 get together with Koutarou to form a family (yes, they all love each other romantically, but “family” is the first thing that comes to mind to describe themselves, and the reader has to agree). And they’re all beset by various types of villains. So it makes a certain amount of sense that the villains are also joining forces in order to fight our heroes. Of course, unlike Koutarou’s group, this is not a particularly equal partnership. Radical Faction leader Tayuma is a classic laughing villain sort, and you expect he’s going to get taken out in the following volume (this volume) is the first of a two-parter) and then quietly forgotten about. But the pairing of Elexis, Theia’s nemesis, and Maya, the Dark Magical Girl, looks more long-lasting, and there’s also some potential romance there. Yes, villains can hook up, too!

As for our “family”, they’re still getting along well. One thing that’s interesting about Rokujouma is the utter lack of inter-harem conflict compared to most series of this ilk. You don’t even have any scenes of people temporarily walking out in an angry huff. (Where would they go, they all live in the apartment.) It can lead to being a bit self-satisfied, as I noted in my previous review, but it’s also sweet and cute, which is what the author is going for, I’m sure. This group is very much still in the initial blush of first love, and it shows in their actions. Koutarou is getting more comfortable with showing physical affection top people not named Yurika, and the other girls are getting better about asking for it. They’re slowly maturing, and yes, that includes Yurika, even though she seems designed to always be whining and complaini9ng because, well, the author loves writing that.

The main plot of this volume involves our heroes teaming up with the sentai group from like 10 volumes ago (remember them? Yeah, me neither…) to take on the Radical Faction’s attempt at causing a natural disaster so great it will allow them to take over the surface once and for all. It’s a total “evil villain” scheme, but it’s treated seriously because of Kiriha, and because the others discuss the actual consequences of such a thing. One reason I enjoy reading Rokujouma so much is the amount of dialogue going on – now that everyone’s mostly revealed their true background and desires, they’re not hiding anything from each other and can be open and direct. Which I’m sure will lead to better solutions in the next volume. They’re not perfect – they were truly suckered in in the last third of the book, and now the bad guys have a better idea of how to fight Koutarou and company – but they’ll come up with something.

This is a short book in the series, and didn’t take long to get through. Fans of Rokujouma!? should enjoy it quite a bit.

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