Anime NYC 2018, Day Three

The third day, as I indicated, was very light for me: I had no panels to attend. I ended up going to the winners of the AMV Music Videos showing, something I haven’t done in a number of years. I was impressed at the technical excellence – the days of using 5 different VHS sources is long gone. I especially liked the video that brought every single “beach episode” anime series together, and then started mixing the characters next to each other. Other highlights included a Totoro trailer with the sound from Stephen King’s IT (this was by the same women who did the beach one) and an action filled My Hero Academia video that showed off everything we love about the series, with good (if very loud) music accompaniment.

And for those who like sad videos, there was a Your Lie in April one which brought the tears. I was less happy with the “honest trailer” for Yuri On Ice, which read very much as a “ew, gay guys” sort of thing, even if its intention may have been partly to parody that. The winner on all counts was a Gurren Lagann video. I was rather surprised at seeing some more obscure anime – who still remembers MM!, which won a romance category to the tune of Soft Cell’s Tainted Love? But mostly I was impressed at the technical expertise all the finalists had. Well done.

I then went up to look over the Artist’s Alley, whcih I tend to save for last when I go to cons. I picked up two cute pins of Izuku and Ochako as stuffed toys (yes, the pin was art of them as the toy… it was cute, and is also my ship). As you can imagine, there was a lot of the most popular titles such as My Hero Academia and Fate/Grand Order, but I was also pleased to see a good showing for Cells at Work! and Golden Kamuy. The most popular older Jump titles such as One Piece and Naruto were there, though I saw little to no Bleach – its its time over? Speaking of fads, there was also far less Pop Team Epic than I’d anticipated, adn I wonder if that may also turn out to be “of its time” fairly rapidly. As with the AMVs, it’s impressive to see how far the Artist’s Alley has come since the days of yore, with almost as many pins, buttons, plushies (a lot of cute plushies, which also tempted me) and merch to go along with all the artwork. It’s showing off all aspects of an artist’s work, and was well worth your time.

And that was it for me. Anime NYC was a very successful convention this year, in my opinion – after the initial line holdup at the start, there were no issues with major lines or any bag check nightmares that I heard of, and only one panel had an instance where I wondered if security should be stepping in, but it was taken care of fast. I’m not certain what attendance was, but I would not be surprised if it passes 2017 – Friday and Saturday were both packed. Looking forward to 2019!

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