Wataru!!! The Hot-Blooded Teen and His Epic Adventures in a Fantasy World After Stopping a Truck with His Bare Hands!, Vol. 2

By Simotti and RELUCY. Released in Japan as “Truck Uketome Isekai Tensei! Nekketsu Butouha Koukousei Wataru!!!” by Overlap. Released in North America by J-Novel Club. Translated by Adam Seacord and Roko Mobius.

I have been known to say that the reason I don’t review light novels in the “Bookshelf Briefs” column on Manga Bookshelf is that there is always a way I can spin out 500 words on a light novel no matter what, but I will admit that some series test that to the extreme. Wataru!!! 2 is exactly what Wataru!!! 1 was, and if you liked that you should like this, though probably a bit less as the shtick is no longer new. But this is a gag series. I can’t talk about character development, there isn’t any. We’re literally told that backstories dropped on us will be totally irrelevant later in the book, so it’s OK to forget about them. This book invites anti-criticism. This volume does indeed appear to be the final one, and that’s probably for the best, as even though I enjoyed both I’m pretty sure I don’t need to read a third book of this.

The plot of the 2nd book borrows heavily from Dragon Ball. Wataru and friends are sent to fight a dragon who is destroying villages, but in order to fight him fair and square, they need to collect six orbs that are scattered around the area. Wataru does this by a) winning a hot dog eating contest, b) beating up an isekai author, c) fighting a cute young assassin who immediately falls in love with Wataru, d) solving the most obvious murder ever; e) playing a card battle game in one of the few stores Aria hasn’t been banned from; f) fighting a possessed Résistance, and g) actually fighting the dragon. Throughout all this we get the usual loud shouting, ridiculous fights, dumb gags, and fourth wall breaking. It is quite good at all of those things.

The most amusing parts of the book are probably when it tries to bite the hand that feeds it. The orc who writes OP isekai novels is pathetic, and it’s no surprise that rather than trying to impress him our heroes simply knock him out and take his stuff. That said, they each try their hand at writing a light novel. Aria’s is a typical shoujo LN, with perhaps more swords than usual; Wataru’s is an anime commercial, and Résistance writes a dark emo fantasy. The payoff is at the end, in a side story where we find Résistance’s light novel has been purchased by “Sky-Novel Club”, who get quite a few caustic comments from Aria and Wataru. Other than that, well, there’s lots of punching things, and leaping high into the air, etc. Still no real romance. Aria just isn’t into Wataru, Résistance is too passive, and Elphabelle is pretty firmly rejected. Wataru is a hot-blooded teen in the Ashita no Joe sense, not the Ataru Moroboshi sense.

Again, this is worth picmking up if you really enjoyed the first volume, or just like people shouting, getting grievous head injuries (that can be easily fixed with healing magic), and writing epic tales where Luffy, Detective Conan and Pikachu team up, but fans who like subtlety should stay well away.

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