Accomplishments of the Duke’s Daughter, Vol. 5

By Reia and Haduki Futaba. Released in Japan as “Koushaku Reijou no Tashinami” by Kadokawa Books. Released in North America by Seven Seas. Translated by Andria Cheng.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, isn’t this series eight volumes in total? And yes, it definitely is. That said, this fifth book is the final one of the main series, resolving most of the plot points and wrapping up the love affair between Iris and Dean. Gonna be honest, it feels a bit rushed. This is very odd, as this comes from a webnovel, so by definition should not have to worry about “the book isn’t selling so well, wrap it up next volume” woes. That said, it still feels rushed. Leticia’s subplot is not exactly out of nowhere, but I wish we had another book to develop it more. Alfred’s fate is handled as dramatically as possible, and certainly devastates Iris, but the reader is just sighing and going “uh huh”, and I’m pretty sure the author knows this, so the impact is lessened. It’s a decent book, it just is not quite as good as previous ones.

Tasmeria is going to war, which means Iris has to return to her domain to prepare. Good thing, too, as her port is one of the first to be attacked… by a completely different country. Is this related to the proposal she got last volume? There’s also the problem of Alfred also having to go to war, as when you’re the recent victor of a throne war you don’t sit back in the palace and let others fight for you. Unfortunately, this turns tragic when Iris hears the news that he was killed by an archer’s arrow. Devastated, she loses herself in grief for a bit before managing to pull herself together in time for the rest of the war to wrap up smoothly… thanks in great part to her mother’s secret identity as the most feared warrior in the land. (Secret to Iris, at least.) That said… is Alfred/Dean really dead?

The best scenes in the book are probably a) the ones with Iris’ mother Merellis, who is sort of what happened if the “ohohohohohoho!” ojou could also kick your ass and stab you, and b) the subplot with Edward and Yuri. By this final volume Iris’ past life in Japan is not even mentioned once, and the villainess part has long been thrown out the window. It briefly comes back here, though, as Iris and Yuri have a final confrontation and Iris states bluntly that the fact that Yuri is afraid to trust anyone is what led to her downfall. If Yuri had confided in any of her love interests, particularly Edward, things may have been different. Edward and Yuri’s story also impacts Leticia, who is essentially taking over the entire country this book, and for the most part doing it regally and stoically – though the cracks do show on occasion. I wish we’d seen more of her.

I also wish we’d seen more of Marellis’ past, but that’s being taken care of, as the next volume will tell us her story. Till then, this is the end of Iris’ story, and she’s happy, but I’d give the book only a ‘satisfactory’ as a grade.

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