A Royal Rebound: Forget My Ex-Fiancé, I’m Being Pampered by the Prince!, Vol. 2

By Micoto Sakurai and Kuroyuki. Released in Japan as “Konyakusha ga Uwakiaite to Kakeochi Shimashita. Ōji Denka ni Dekiaisarete Shiawase nanode, Ima sara Modoritai to Iwarete mo Komarimasu” by DRE Novels. Released in North America by J-Novel Heart. Translated by A. M. Cola.

Villainess books (and I’m including the separate subgenre of “not reincarnated but still a noble lady whose engagement is broken” there) tend to fall into “hard mode” or “easy mode”. “Hard mode” are books like I’m the Villainess, So I’m Taming the Final Boss, where our heroine is constantly threatened with death and execution if they put even one foot wrong, and each volume is flying by the seat of the pants. Easy mode is generally the Cinderella sort of story, where our heroine’s prearranged marriage was really dreadful and she’s immediately snapped up by a much better catch, and the rest of the book is just “how much happier she is now”. A Royal Rebound is definitely in the easy category, to the point where it may even be the “here’s how you play the game” tutorial. Even when we get our heroine put into mortal danger here, her fiance comes along and can fix things relatively quickly.

Amelia is still in seventh heaven as we start Book 2. She’s now engaged to Sarge, the third prince, and the two of them can spend all day (and night… and some of the next day) doing nothing but research agriculture till they drop. Yeah, it’s that kind of relationship – these two don’t even kiss. Nevertheless, she has Sarge, and the royal family, all of whom adore her. Being part of the royal family also means that she is now being asked to go on diplomatic missions, including one to the nearby kingdom of Janaki, who are also having agricultural issues but lack the magic powers that most folks in Bedeiht have. Of course, the kingdom of Janaki is dangerously close to the Beltz Empire, where Amelia was almost kidnapped to last volume by her ex-fiance. But surely there won’t be a second kidnapping, right?

Again, this book is super relaxed. The princess of Janaki, who is the fiancee of one of the other princes, appears like she might be a spoiled brat who’s fallen in love with someone else… but no, it’s OK, she’s just being brainwashed. In reality, she’s like every other woman in this book, sweet as pie and ready to dedicate everything to the nation. Hell, even the bad guy, who comes in with a hate on for the entire nation state, ends up being convinced that her mother really didn’t abandon him out of choice and that he really was loved, and turns around. Even Reese, Amelia’s ex-fiance… well, OK, no, Reese still stays in prison. There are limits. But Amelia thinks about what a shame it is his Earth magic can’t be of use to the country going forward. This is a nice series to read, but its main fault is that it’s so idealistic it squeaks.

But again, that’s probably why folks bought it. I suspect this is the final volume (if there is a third, it might just be a pile of weddings in a row), but if so it’s just really… nice. In a good way. Mostly.

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