I’m Giving the Disgraced Noble Lady I Rescued a Crash Course in Naughtiness: I’ll Spoil Her with Delicacies and Style to Make Her the Happiest Woman in the World!, Vol. 2

By Fukada Sametarou and Sakura Miwabe. Released in Japan as “Konyaku Haki Sareta Reijō o Hirotta Ore ga, Ikenai Koto o Oshiekomu -Oishi Mono o Tabesasete Oshare o Sasete, Sekai Ichi Shiawase na Shōjo ni Produce!-” by PASH! Books. Released in North America by J-Novel Club. Translated by Yui Kajita.

Last time I said that how much you liked this series depended on how much you could put up with its one joke, that of the protagonist using the word “naughty” to mean things other than sex. Thankfully, there is far less of that in this second book. That said, there’s still a caveat here. How much you like this series now depends on how much you can deal with the syrupy sweetness of it. This is clearly not meant to be a long-runner, as Allen and Charlotte realize their feelings and confess to each other over the course of the fist half of this book. There are, in the words of one of the other characters, the “pure” sort of couple, the kind where you have to look away when they hold hands as the light is too blinding.

Things are much the same in Allen’s mansion… even if he finds out that its previous owner is not quite as vanished as he would like. That said, there is still the issue of Charlotte being wanted by her kingdom, dead or alive. And the fact that he sees a legendary bounty hunter and his goons hanging around the town, waiting for her. Still, all that pales in comparison to the most important thing: confessing to her. Can he do so smoothly and lovingly? Or will it accidentally come out in the heat of the moment when she’s kidnapped by a monster? And even if they do become a couple, what about Charlotte’s sister? The only one of her abusive family who truly cared about her? Is she doing all right? Or has the stress of the whole situation made her become… a delinquent?

This is definitely a book that gets better as it goes along. The first chapter, with the elf who’s also a novelist, had me groaning and rolling my eyes, and was not all that fun except in the places where it focused on the couple’s cuteness. Better was the “let’s have a date while avoiding assassins” chapter, which has a very obvious punchline, but it’s a punchline we don’t mind, because the purity of the heroine is just that good. The best part of the book is the back half, where Allen and Charlotte return to his old school, where his father has asked him to deal with a little problem: Natalia, Charlotte’s younger sister. This had a lot of great comedy and character building, and Natalia is adorable in a “she can beat me up and she’s only 7 years old” sort of way.

This isn’t going to win any awards, but it’s inoffensive enough, and the next volume is, I think, the final one. Still have that pesky wanted poster to deal with. If you are the sort to buy a sugar donut and sprinkle more sugar on it, this might be for you.

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