The Abandoned Heiress Gets Rich with Alchemy and Scores an Enemy General!, Vol. 2

By Miyako Tsukahara and Satsuki Sheena. Released in Japan as “Suterare Reijō wa Renkinjutsu-shi ni Narimashita. Kaseida Okane de moto Tekikoku no Shō o Kōnyū Shimasu” by PASH! Books. Released in North America by Cross Infinite World. Translated by piyo.

It feels a bit odd to be saying that the theme of this second volume is the “well, that escalated quickly” meme. After all, the first volume was not exactly a Slow Life sort of book, featuring dead parents, demonic possession, forced slavery, etc. And yet this second volume definitely feels like it’s upping the ante, as we get all those things again, with an added dose of “creepy eugenics experiments on flora and fauna”, and the inevitable “wanted for a crime against the state and hunted down like a dog”. Fortunately, it’s a different state – though I get the sense that this will be happening to Chloe and Julius with every country they go to. Fortunately, now that they’re admitting their feelings for each other, the relationship between the two has become a highlight, and Chloe’s annoying habit of praising herself has become both a beloved running gag and a necessary evil. It’s how she copes.

After a few brief scenes at Chloe’s shop, which include making an artificial hand for the very apologetic King Cyril, Chloe and Julius are off to the Kingdom of Rasheed. There they not only might be able to find a dragon to mate with Julius’ beloved Helios, but they also may have a Seal Master who can do something about Julius’ slave marker. Unfortunately, there are a few signs that this is not going to go as smoothly as possible. Eliza, one of the antagonists of the first book, has escaped from prison and fled the country, and it doesn’t take a crystal ball for the reader to guess where she’ll be. More to the point, Rasheed has its own little “a demon has possessed someone and is working to cause chaos and destruction” issue, only this time with the full support of the royal family… well, part of the royal family. What’s more, the angels and demons have a far closer tie to Chloe than expected.

Chloe is a lot easier to take in this book than the first one, and her “beautiful young maiden” mantra is used even more than before. You could argue that she could also say that she’s a complete angel, but after the events of this book, that might hit a bit too close to home. I enjoy that Chloe and Julius have a nice, realistic falling in love relationship, which lacks the sudden realization of other stories in the genre but simply develops naturally and calmly, as Chloe realizes and accepts her feelings. There’s also a few hints dropped here about Julius’ own past, and I get the sense that may be the next arc. That is, once we finish off this arc. The book ends mid-battle with a big cliffhanger,

I enjoyed this a great deal. It’s got some nice romance bits, a plucky young heroine who does badass things and can hold her own with the hero, and some good action and drama. I wonder when Book 3 will hit…

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