I Don’t Want To Be the Dragon Duke’s Maid! Serving My Ex-Fiancé From My Past Life, Vol. 1

By Mashimesa Emoto and Masami. Released in Japan as “Ryū Taikō no Senzoku Jijo wa Goenryō Shitai! Tensei Saki no Okyūji Aite wa Zense no Moto Konyakusha Deshita” by Arian Rose. Released in North America by J-Novel Heart. Translated by Amanogawa Tenri.

I think most readers of Japanese light novels by now are used to the title of the book being a summary. This is why I was quite surprised that we were getting to the halfway point of this new series and I had still not seen our heroine being forced to be the dragon duke’s maid. In this particular case, this is a good thing. This world has a lot of stuff in it that needs to be explained, and we also need to get into the head of our protagonist and get used to how she thinks of herself and how she treats others. Oh yes, and there’s also the “I was killed and reincarnated with my past memories” aspect to the whole thing, which is also influencing her. But, at last, she finally ends up serving the dragon duke… sort of. We never actually see her do maid work. She’s far too busy trying to help save the nation.

The dragon duke who rules the nation of Eclair is making his first appearance for one hundred years, and going to see him is the family of our heroine, Mille-Feuille. Unfortunately, the moment she claps eyes on him she passes out, as the memories of her previous life return. She was Charlotte, a human woman in love with the dragon duke, and she ended up dying, though Mille-Feuille can’t remember anything about it except the dragon duke’s face of fury. That said, she has enough in her life to get on with. In this world, men turn into dragons once a month, and can only be calmed by a female family member giving them mana – which causes great pain and suffering to the women who have to do it, ranging from mild facial blemishes to near-comas. Mille-Feuille, who seems to have more magic talent than most, happens across a way to help women recover their mana more easily after this, and she is now secretly passing out cures. Unfortunately, people are noticing…

The main reason to get this book is the heroine, who is very much of the “I am practical and somewhat snarky and completely willfully ignorant of how absurdly powerful I really am” school of heroines. There is a test that women take to determine how much mana capacity they have, but for one reason or another, Mille-Feuille has managed to skip every one of those measuring ceremonies. As such, she is uniquely suited to handle the dragon transformations of the duke himself, who is super powerful and therefore super hard to control. The romance between the two of them is cute and very romance novel-ish, and that comes complete with the mystery villain who keeps trying to wreck things as well as the younger sister of the duke who is a jealous brat till she grows out of it. But again, the heroine is the best.

This feels finished in one volume, but there’s apparently a second one. It won’t win points for originality, except for the dragon mana transfer, but I quite enjoyed it.

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