The Exiled Noble Rises as the Holy King: Befriending Fluffy Beasts and a Holy Maiden with My Ultimate Cheat Skill!, Vol. 2

By Yu Okano and TAPIOCA. Released in Japan as “Tsuihō Kizoku wa Saikyō Skill “Seiō” de Henkyō kara Nariagaru: Haikyōsha ni Nintei Sareta Ore da kedo Cheat Skill de Mofumofu mo Seijo mo Nakama ni Shichaimashita” by Earth Star Novels. Released in North America by J-Novel Club. Translated by Alex Honton.


…fine, I guess I have to go into more detail. Last time I was unimpressed with the writing and hero but there were enough interesting ideas that I would read a second volume. It became rapidly apparent as I got about 30 pages into this new volume that this was a mistake, as the book writes out its most interesting character and replaces her with another, less interesting blonde who gets to be there in order to give our hero whatever he wants. I decided to drop the book, but flicked to the afterword out of curiosity. There I saw that this was the final volume, something I had not realized. This made me more reluctant to just drop it, since it was almost over anyway, so I soldiered on. This would prove to be my second mistake. Never let it be said I’m not a sucker.

We pick up where we left off, with Aht leaving Noah to go back to the Holy Church and convince them she killed him, then return a year later. In the meantime, he rescues a noblewoman from a group of bandits, and as as reward he and his familiars are taken to their city, which is much better than the one Noah came from. The implication is supposed to be that the noblewoman is into him, but this series has so little interest in romance it just reads as a convenient plot device. He then learns about this city, in great detail, and registers as an adventurer, meaning we get all the stuff with guild cards and stats. Again, in great detail. In the second half of the book, he rids an abandoned town of skeleton warriors, and finds out the skeleton warriors are a plot by an evil cult religion. Then… everything ends so fast you’d think this was a Weekly Shonen Jump action manga.

For the most part this was incredibly boring and irritating. Noah remains a monumentally dull hero, and his tendency to worldbuild in his narration is intensely aggravating. The kobolds, decently developed in the first book, get nothing to do here. The overall plot is wrapped up ludicrously quickly, and the author’s “I meant it to be like that” afterword reads incredibly false given they also say “but the webnovel is ongoing, go read that”. The revelation about Noah’s status of Holy King, and what it really means, is literally “I will now tell you all about this oops I’m dead”. There was one bit that was so bad I actually started to laugh, where Aht (this book’s closest thing to a heroine) arrives back at the church, and the religious leader asks what became of the army of paladins that attacked her, and she says that she killed all of them “as a fun diversion”. The fact that Aht is still pretty sociopathic but now has a new master is absolutely not examined at all, just like the rest of this failure of a series.


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