Nia Liston: The Merciless Maiden, Vol. 2

By Umikaze Minamino and Kochimo. Released in Japan as “Kyōran Reijō Nia Liston: Byōjaku Reijō ni Tenseishita Kami-goroshi no Bujin no Kareinaru Musō Roku” by HJ Bunko. Released in North America by J-Novel Club. Translated by okaykei.

One of the things that I did not touch on in my review of the first book in this series is how funny it is. And by funny I mean that Nia Liston is a horrible, horrible little gremlin and her thought process is hilarious. I started quoting some of her more batshit moments on Twitter as I read, and it might have seemed as if I was complaining about the book. No… well, if you’re the sort who is not a fan of 6-year-olds who have a thirst for a little old ultraviolence, than yes but honestly, if that concerns you you probably didn’t start the second volume anyway. It also helps that she gets her very own tsukkomi in this book, as Reliared, the girl we briefly saw in Book 1 who decides to make Nia her biggest rival, meets her and immediately becomes the only one in the group with any sense, which means she’s the comeback queen. I mean, it can’t be Nia’s servant, who’s just as bad as she is.

Nia is starting her first year at Altoire, where all the kids go to school, be they royalty or commoner. That said, her core friend group rapidly becomes Reliared, another noble, and Hildetaura, the third princess. Nia is here to find strong people, but is also there to help promote Magivision, and finds two strong allies in her fellow classmates, who both want to get everyone owning a TV set… erm, a Magivision tablet. The idea they come up with is a martial arts tournament among the elementary and middle school students, to be filmed on campus by other students with the three girls acting as “hosts”. This interests Nia not at all, as no one is strong enough for her, but when she finds out about an illegal underground fighting tournament, nothing can keep her away.

I am starting to wonder if the punchline to all of the many and varied sword styles, martial arts styles, and other weapon styles that everyone is obsessed with at this school is that she was responsible for all of them in the past. She remembers nothing about her own past self except in little bits (she seems to imply that she eventually lost control and fell to ruin), but she definitely remembers other strong people in the past… none of whom are as strong as her, of course. That said, I think she has to admit that at times she definitely has the emotional maturity of the 6-year-old that she is now. Not realizing that Lynokis would follow her to the illegal tournament and indeed enter it in order to protect her was *so* stupid that Nia spends a page and a half berating herself for it. That said, her “I apologized, so we’re back to normal and I learned nothing” is also very six-year-old. She’s an immature kid, she just… is ludicrously strong.

The next volume continues to be about half livestreamer, half “let’s punch everything”, judging by the synopsis. That should do find, as long as Nia continues to be the arrogant asshole we know and love.

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