I Guess This Dragon Who Lost Her Egg to Disaster Is My Mom Now, Vol. 2

By Suzume Kirisaki and Cosmic. Released in Japan as “Saigai de Tamago o Ushinatta Dragon ga Nazeka Ore o Sodate Hajimeta” by M Novels. Released in North America by Cross Infinite World. Translated by Jordan Taylor.

The first volume of this series had the past of Lushera hold my interest more than her present with her dragon mom, so it’s ironic that in this second volume it’s the bonding with dragon mom that is the better part of the book. Of course, some of that is due to the fact that, although names are not really clear still due to the nature of the resurrection, everyone now knows who Lushera is. As such, we’re allowed to concentrate, especially in the first half of the book, on Lushera and her mother growing closer, figuring out how to be parent and child as dragons, and parent and child as humans. Unfortunately, that leaves the second half of this book, which features one of my least favorite light novel cliches, a villain who is 100% evil, irredeemable, and sadistic. I was amazed he didn’t do a maniacal laugh. And he also tortured an abused child. This was a lot less fun to read.

We open by learning a bit more about the past of Kaphal, who turns out to be the equivalent of a teenager who eloped and ran away from home and whose husband then died. Now she’s back, and she has a daughter who is this odd human-dragon hybrid. Her dad is not amused, and insists that Lushera have a test to see whether… well, mostly whether she can survive the test. Meanwhile, the kingdom is having to deal with the fact that the big, scary dragon on their mountain is now walking around the capital in human form, doing things like learning about cooking, going for a swim, etc. Lushera also ends up rescuing a Very Important Person from a golem attack, and discovers she is Monica, the disgraced and scapegoated princess of the royal family, who lives under house arrest with a group of revolving servants and her self-hatred. Meanwhile, the kingdom next door, who got most of their knights and their ruler killed off in Book 1, decide to leave things to their new psychopathic manchild of a ruler.

So yeah, getting the bad out of the way first, everything about Julian in this book sucks, which unfortunately also affects Monica’s plotline, as she is reduced to an object of peril for the entire book. It’s so bad that it actually affected my enjoyment of another very good plot twist, which is briefly hinted at much earlier in the book but then allowed to be forgotten about till the reveal. Fortunately, given that CIW deliberately put this volume out on Mother’s Day, everything that does involve the dragon family part of the book is great. I especially like how clever see see Lushera being, given that her nature and general attitude really lend itself well to “dumb muscle” and it’s great to see she isn’t. Her mom is also really trying hard, and comes a long way in this book.

Which is, I think, the final book in the series. That’s fine with me. It was long enough that I really enjoyed the dragon and her mom, the transgender subplots, and a few of the twists. Just… please, stop making all your villains puppy-kickers.

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