I Don’t Want To Be the Dragon Duke’s Maid! Serving My Ex-Fiancé From My Past Life, Vol. 2

By Mashimesa Emoto and Masami. Released in Japan as “Ryū Taikō no Senzoku Jijo wa Goenryō Shitai! Tensei Saki no Okyūji Aite wa Zense no Moto Konyakusha Deshita” by Arian Rose. Released in North America by J-Novel Heart. Translated by Amanogawa Tenri.

I had assumed that this was going to be one of those artifact title type of books, sort of how The Ideal Sponger Life never actually manages to do anything remotely connected to that title after the first half of Book 1. But credit to the author, we actually do get a reasonable excuse for having Mille-Feuille once again disguise herself as the dragon duke’s maid and serving the ex-fiance from her past life. The problem, of course, is that just because she and Van are married does not mean that everyone automatically approved of the pairing. There was an assassination attempt on her last book, and there’s another one near the start of this book, to the point where she’s using body doubles most of the time. Fortunately, we have something that can take her mind off of things: tourism. Now that she’s solved the “donating mana puts women in a coma” issue, folks can actually see the sights. Erm… what sights do they have?

Mille-Feuille and Van are wracking their brains to try to come up with a way to stop having the one vacation destination be “the lake”, if only as the lake is starting to feel the effect of all those tourists. Mille-Feuille then draws on her memories as Charlotte and recalls that up north, in the snowy mountains of the kingdom, there are places where you could have a natural hot spring! And since Van and Mille-Feuille have not had their honeymoon yet, they decide to pay the place a visit, accompanied by his sister and knights and her best friend, battle maid, and squirrels. Unfortunately, when they get there they run into Fenetra, Van’s cousin and one of his fiance candidates from before. And she does not seem to like any of the woman in Van’s party. At all.

Not to spoil too much, but this series comes to a close with this volume, so we can’t exactly bring in too many subplots. Things are both helped and hindered by Mille-Feuille herself, whose dry, matter-of-fact narration works well in some places, but in others you can tell why they need to include a literal “she barely shows any emotion, she’s always been like this” hand wave. Opera, Van’s sister, turns out to be a lot more fun now that she’s no longer a jealous little sister, and the pairing up of her with Van’s chief bodyguard was so blatant and shoehorned in – both in universe and out of it – that I ended up laughing. There’s some nice near death experiences, a few mass brainwashings, and a villainess who turns out to tie back to our heroine’s previous life. Nothing is stunning, but like the first book, it reads well.

The volume (and series) ends with Mille-Feuille announcing she’s pregnant and then giving birth to a son, which might surprise folks who assumed they just never had sex ever. I liked this. And good news, the author has a new series out from J-Novel Club next week.

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