You Are My Regret, Vol. 2

By Shimesaba and Ui Shigure. Released in Japan as “Kimi wa Boku no Regret” by Dash X Bunko. Released in North America by Yen On. Translated by Andria McKnight.

It’s a good thing these books are relatively short, because wow, I really cannot stay too long in the depths of the teenage drama we get with these books. When the funniest joke in the book involves taking a box cutter away from a girl clearly using it on herself, saying he’s borrowing it and to ask for it later, you know you’re not on the light and fluffy end of the romcom scale. I mean, we all knew that Kaoru was in love with Yuzuru, and that he was unaware of this, but trust me when I say that solving that little problem turns out to be the easy part of this book. Because Kaoru also has her own life to deal with, and it’s one that Yuzuru is unaware of… but that will soon change. I suppose the good thing about being a teenager is you’re allowed to make mistakes while you’re young, but man, I really wanted to punch him about 3/4 through this book.

That cover image sort of sums up the entire book, but let me try my best anyway. Kaoru is coming to club a lot more erratically after the events of the first book, mostly as she sees that Yuzuru and Ai have made up, and clearly they’re a couple again. (That’s not quite true, something that allows the climax of this book to happen.) But Kaoru is also dealing with a lot of home trauma, some of which Yuzuru has heard about before. Her mother has had a string of bad men in the house, and apparently thinks little of having sex with them anywhere and everywhere in the house, which Kaoru has walked in on more than once. Worse, the new guy *seems* like a more respectable dude, but clearly isn’t. The stress of this combined with her first love being shattered leads her to try to push Yuzuru away as hard as possible. Unfortunately for her, he’s figured out how he screwed up with Ai, and is now over-correcting too hard in the other direction.

I am glad that Yuzuru’s mother emphasized how dumb he was when he intervened with Kaoru and her mother, as I dearly wanted to throttle him. I get it, the last time he didn’t talk things through and pulled away, it all went to shit, so there’s no way he’ll do that again. But here, not only does he get into physical danger thanks to a guy who (surprise) does turn out to be a piece of shit, he also manages to be Kaoru’s hero, which means there is absolutely no way she’s not confessing to him now. Fortunately, the girl whose problem will take up the third (and final?) volume does not appear to be in love with Yuzuru. Yet. I also felt that the resolution between Kaoru and her mother happened WAY too fast. I could say the same about Kaoru and Ai, but Ai has been presented to us as “flaky” since the start of the series, so I’ll give it a pass here.

So, if you like the Higehir author, or teen angst, this is still worth your time. Just.

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