Fruits Basket Collector’s Edition, Vol. 6

By Natsuki Takaya. Released in Japan by Hakusensha, serialized in the magazine Hana to Yume. Released in North America by Yen Press. Translated by Sheldon Drzka.

The end of this omnibus is the halfway point in the Fruits Basket re-release, and you definitely get the sense that we have turned a corner. While I’m not sure that Takaya-san had worked out exactly how long she was going to make the series, I think here is where the ending she wanted firmed up in her mind and she began to take steps towards achieving it. And that means that Tohru, who had been suffering a bit from drifting through life after the death of her mother, acquires a new purpose, and becomes surprisingly driven to achieve it. Or perhaps it’s not so surprising, given that Akito is the one who sets her in motion with a violent rejection of her very self.


The first half of the book is still set in the summer vacation beachhouse, as Akito works hard to ruin everyone’s vacation. But we find that success is not as easy as it once was. Kazuma explains to Tohru later on that Akito has an effect on the other zodiac, that words that could be brushed off if someone else said them affect them to their very core. But we actually begin to see a bit of that unraveling here. Haru seems to be so worried about Rin that he doesn’t react as much to Akito’s jibes about being stupid. Momiji is willing to defy Akito to avoid getting Tohru hurt. Even Kyo, whose self-loathing reaches another peak here, finds that a rare meeting with Akito doesn’t have the pull that it once did. The curse is explained in mroe detail than it’s ever been here, but we’re starting to see the start of it breaking.

And Tohru wants to be the one to do it. Akito’s little speech, which is long and violent (her cheek is scratched hard enough to draw blood) basically amounts to “Fuck off”, actually does the opposite of what it intends – mostly because it reveals what Kyo’s eventual fate will be. The Furuba fandom had been somewhat equally divided between Tohru/Yuki and Tohru/Kyo, but I think this book is where people began to realize that the triangle was already being broken up. Partly due to Yuki continuing his own separate, non-Sohma subplot (which still hasn’t quite gotten off the ground, though we did meet the always wonderful Kimi, who I will be praising more as the serious goes on, because she’s hilarious), but also due to the fact that it’s clearly Kyo’s fate that makes Tohru want to push to find out about how to break the curse more than anything. Seeds are being sown.

Speaking of seeds, we also meet Rin here for the first time properly, though she’s still something of an enigma, and notably does not receive the same treatment as the other Sohmas to date – meet, reveal their emotional trauma, get bathed in Tohru’s healing waves. Rin is a massive ball of rage, and will not be the sort to simply wilt under Tohru’s good cheer. I suspect a collision in the next book, particularly as Rin has discovered what Tohru is looking for. And some seeds have ended up not flowering after all, as Kagura discovers when she admits to herself that Kyo is never going to accept her affection, and manages to pour her heart out to him in an actual, real date free from her usual over the top violence. Her broken confession that she felt better being around Kyo because of the cat’s scapegoat nature is heartwrenching, but Kyo’s sympathetic, lukewarm response may be even more so.

As always with an omnibus, I feel I’m leaving more out. I never did talk about the mysterious Ren, who is mentioned here and seems to be the one that finally sets Akito off to go attack Tohru. And then there’s the school counseling sessions, when the parents arrive to discuss their children’s futures. Tohru’s grandfather is laid up with a bad back, so Shigure goes in his place, which leads to as much hilarity as you’d expect when he clashes with Mayu. (Also note his fantastic expression when she tells him he’s not even nice to the people he loves.) But overall, an excellent omnibus, possibly the high point of the entire series, and certainly a sign that we are going to start tying up our loose ends soon, even if some of them are going to resist that for a long time to come.

Oh yes, Tohru and Uo’s faces when Hanajima mentions that Kazuma is hot. Those are also a big highlight. See? I can go on and on.

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  1. charliepanayi says

    Kimi IS hilarious. Especially her comment later to Naohito about how rich a guy is is what matters most.

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