7th Time Loop: The Villainess Enjoys a Carefree Life Married to Her Worst Enemy!, Vol. 5

By Touko Amekawa and Wan*Hachipisu. Released in Japan as “Loop 7-kaime no Akuyaku Reijou wa, Moto Tekikoku de Jiyuukimama na Hanayome (Hitojichi) Seikatsu wo Mankitsusuru” by Overlap Novels f. Released in North America by Airship. Translated by Amy Osteraas. Adapted by Vida Cruz-Borja.

The best part of this book I already quoted on Twitter: it’s Arnold pointing out how utterly ridiculous the premise of this series and all others like it really is. They’re going back over the party that began this series, one which, 5 volumes in, is a lot more suspicious than it felt at the time, and he says, and I quote, “A one-sided dissolution of an engagement in a public venue isn’t something that should happen in the first place.” To be fair, a lot of other authors agree, and this is hardly the first book showing the whole thing is a setup. But it’s always fun seeing Rishe be very clever and then finding that Arnold has already worked this out months ago and was waiting for her to catch up. Because yes, Rishe’s denunciation turns out to have been orchestrated by outside operators, and its goal was – you guessed it – to cause war between Arnold and literally everyone else.

Rishe and Arnold are taking in the opera, which Rishe has been looking forward to. Two surprising events happen: the leading lady collapses, and Prince Dietrich, Rishe’s old fiance, is also present at the event. Rishe is delighted to get closer to Sylvia, the opera singer, who has a reputation for a string of love affairs (and is thus highly amused at a very virginal Rishe) but also finds herself falling in love for real with one of Arnold’s guards. As for Prince Dietrich, he’s mostly an object of scorn and mockery throughout the book, having supposedly run away from home to get away from his beloved Mary, who it turns out has taken over from Rishe in trying to get Dietrich to learn how to be a good prince. That said, is that really the only reason he’s there? And is there really a spy in their midst?

The other best scene in the volume has Rishe and Arnold, walking the battlements in order to try to figure out the best way for a spy to get in, accidentally running into Arnold’s father. They only see each other from a distance, but Rishe can immediately sense the murderous aura, and her first reaction was to try to draw Arnold’s sword in order to protect him – never mind that he’s a better swordsman than she is. I expect the series will end with that final confrontation. Other than that, Arnold continues to soften up, finally giving in and realizing that things work out best when he just lets Rishe do whatever the hell she wants – though he does give her extra sword lessons so that she can properly hit flying arrows out of the air with one. Honestly, of all the couples in villainess books, this may be the best power couple.

The anime had just been announced when this came out, and it’s since aired and was a relative success. And the 6th book is out in Japan as of the end of last year, so hopefully we see it soon, cause this remains terrific.

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